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Turbidite Manor

In the distance, an eerily luminous haze parts to reveal the menacing silhouette of a rain and wind stripped structure, standing black against the moonlit sky. Layers of verdant filth all but obscure the Victorian splendor this dwelling once enjoyed. Hidden from mortal eyes for over 100 years, these dark halls are once again illuminated by the presence of the living.

This is the home of Cottewelle Creek's third mayor, Edward C. Turley, his wife Anne, daughter Margaret, and son Christopher.  It is not that this family once lived here; it is that they remain here, for this place is imprinted with their very souls. Once fixed elegantly on the brim of a Gold Rush boomtown, this place now imprisons the family in a perpetual nightmare... and they are not alone; indeed, this house is haunted.

Nathan Hamilton’s Turbidite Manor web site. The “Chronicle” pages outlines the story & characters of the Manor.

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