Turbidite Manor
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Explore the tale of a Romani tribe settled on the outskirts of Cottewelle Creek, skilled metal workers who rarely intermingle with "gorgio," or non-gypsies. These impoverished souls bear the brunt of a town's prejudice, falsely accused of cattle and horse thievery, and are scheduled for deportation from American shores. During passage aboard the ship, Seraph, from San Francisco to New York, they get caught in a hurricane off Cape Horn... all are lost.

It was a good five years after this incident that Turley Manor became haunted, but the townsfolk are convinced that the two are unquestionably linked. The first, and most obvious, in a chain of bizarre accounts are the physical deposits slowly issuing from within the wood of Turley Manor. Regardless of repeated cleaning, scummy, moist sand emanates from the walls, accompanied thereafter by what may be described as stench-filled sea moss.

Nathan Hamilton’s Turbidite Manor web site. The “Chronicle” pages outlines the story & characters of the Manor.