Turbidite Manor
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When examiners sought a description of this phenomenon, the only similarity to be conjured up was that of "turbidite," an antique geological term for ocean sediment. This and other supernatural events led them to infer a connection between the gypsies and Turley Manor.

As Cottewelle Creek legend tells, the lifeless Roma tribe had actually made their way back from the ocean depths to wreak justice upon the one whom they deemed responsible for their annihilation.  One by one the Turley's succumbed to their own demises, driven mad by the bizarre events within the house. The unexplained turbidity within the house is a sure sign of their manifestation, so the town locals coined what we know today as Turbidite Manor.

Nathan Hamilton’s Turbidite Manor web site. The “Chronicle” pages outlines the story & characters of the Manor.

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