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Turbidite Manor™
Modus Operandi
(mode of operation)

Turbidite Manor - Haunted Attraction employs meticulous scenic and audio/visual special effects techniques to create an immersive environment that stimulates the fear factor. As this is a Halloween event, one might be initially deceived that Turbidite Manor is similar to most other haunted-house events. This attraction, however, is the culmination of years of detailed research, development, and design work.

The scenarios involved do not rely on blood, torture, or other excessively gory elements common to the Halloween genre. Though some effects may involve disturbing visuals and the occasional startle, subtle techniques are applied that merely suggest the horrific, allowing the imagination to connect with deeper fears. This governing structure makes the show accessible to younger audiences without parental apprehension. All children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (this attraction is not recommended for those under 6).

We recommend guests enter the house in groups of no more than six, allowing for easier safety and security control and a better overall sensory experience. Our commitment to a careful balance of quality and quantity make for an unparalleled and memorable experience... we hope you will enjoy your tour of the paranormal and visit again!

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Nathan Hamilton’s Turbidite Manor web site. The “Modus Operandi” page describes the ‘mode of operation’ of the Manor.