What is Turbidite Manor™?

Turbidite Manor™ - Haunted Attraction is a haunted-house style attraction that uses special effects to create an immersive environment that stimulates the fear factor. Unlike other haunted houses, the scenarios involved do not rely on blood, torture, or other excessively gory elements common to the Halloween genre. This governing structure makes the show accessible to younger audiences without parental apprehension.

What is turbidite?

Turbidite is a geological term for ocean sediment...

       turbidite (tûr'bĭ-dīt'):  rock consisting of sediment deposited from a turbidity current.

       turbidity:  haziness in the atmosphere due to pollution; murkiness in water due to suspended materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Turbidite Manor™
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Is Turbidite Manor™ scary?

Yes, Turbidite Manor™ is scary, but not in a horror-cliché kind of way. Turbidite Manor™ pulls from actual paranormal research and focuses on the ethereal, rather than shock techniques exclusively. While some visuals within the attraction may be disturbing, the scariest things of all are those which are... unseen.

Will people jump out and grab me?

Turbidite Manor™ is a high-tech facility with sensitive ghost-monitoring systems (Ghostwatch). At no time should anyone jump out from a dark corner and 'grab' you... this could disrupt the entire system.  There have been known to be some 'glitches' from time to time with the containment fields, so we cannot guarantee that you won't be startled by an ominous presence.

Is Turbidite Manor™ wheelchair accessible?


How long will it take me to tour the attraction?

Once inside the Gallery (the front of the house), your tour should take approximately 15-20 minutes... provided the spirits don't "persuade" you to stay...

Who created Turbidite Manor™?

Turbidite Manor™ is the vision of  Nathan Hamilton, an entertainment industry professional with 22 years of experience in live entertainment. A veteran director, designer, scenic artist and performer, Mr. Hamilton has worked globally with outstanding companies such as Disney, Universal Studios, Knott's Berry Farm and Princess Cruises. His creative work has been integral to some of the largest Halloween events and attractions in the world, and he has accumulated a broad and practical knowledge of the genre. See the “Recognition” page for a list of the Manor’s generous contributors.

Are we allowed to take pictures or video?

As a courtesy to those around you, including the undead, we kindly ask that there be no photography or recording while inside the attraction.

Are there real ghosts inside Turbidite Manor™?

This attraction simulates and expounds on accounts of classic paranormal phenomena.

Nathan Hamilton’s Turbidite Manor web site. The “Queries” page answers frequently asked questions. What is Turbidite? Who created it? Are there real ghosts inside?